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Hello, my name is F Scott Dahlgren. I am a PhD student at Georgia State University. Also, I work full time as an Associate Service Fellow for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I recieved my BS in Chemsitry from Georgia Tech in 2004. I also recieved my MSPH in Epidemiology from Emory in 2009.
I am working with my adviser Dr. Hein van der Holst on problems in discrete mathematics.
Scott waiting for coffee with his daughter.

Here are my publications as a fellow:

  • Non-Refereed Publications
  • Please send me any questions or comments to my e-mail. Here is some information about my website.

    / An error does not become truth by      \
    | reason of multiplied propagation, nor  |
    | does truth become error because nobody |
    | sees it.                               |
    |                                        |
    \ -- Mohandas Gandhi                     /
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